What We Do

Resource Creative Media (RCM) offers a wide variety of creative education services to be used in your school. These services include:

Creative Projects:

  • One off creative projects to produce event material that you can display in your school, for example, a film of your school's involvement in it's community.

  • School 'Radio Workshops' - why use your voice? A series of workshops teaching pupils the origin and science behind radio, giving them the chance to experience what it's like to be a radio DJ. Workshops can be tailored to reference current school learning objectives and topic material. They employ a variety of topics, and cover fundamental skills such as literature (through script writing), science, music, and technology.


Creative Computing:

  • iPad app workshops & lessons. Children use a wide variety of iPad apps and programs to broaden their understanding of different areas of the national curriculum. Literacy can be explored through apps such as 'Book Creator', 'iMovie' and 'Pages' to read, write and exchange stories, scripts, marketing etc. 

  • We love to use these technologies to create short films. iPads and other computers with movie editing software can be used by the children to make their own short stories and films, with lessons on film composition, editing and event marketing. Children can experience what it is like to be filmmakers. They can host their own events in school, inviting parents to come and watch their movies at an event that they have promoted themselves.

Technology Application, Incorporation, and Installation:

  • Enjoy our use of technology and our radio workshops? The equipment used to deliver these workshops can be sourced and tailored to suit your school. We can turn any project into a permanent installation that can be used to continue the delivery of our lessons. Lesson plans and ongoing resources can be provided to you in the package, with all of the tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your equipment.

  • We can spec and source all of the required equipment to kit out a new performance area, radio studio or immersive teaching space through our trusted suppliers and highly qualified technicians. We plan to give you a big impact, long lasting facility to really allow students to connect with what they are learning in lessons.