Meet The Team

Suzanne Adams

Suzanne is the founder of Resource Creative Media and is our business manager. She is the friendly face of the company and organises our diary, planning and resources. With her extensive background in theatre and event production for some of the UK's biggest event companies, she brings her energy and experiences into the classroom with sophistication and a great harmony and balance between fun and discipline. This ensures your children are receiving and retaining as much information as possible, whilst maintaining a level of enjoyment that's sure to relay back to parents, and assist in promoting your school. Suzanne works to ensure the services we provide are delivered as effectively as possible.

James Leivers

James is the co-founder of Resource Creative Media, and manages the technology in the creative workshops. James provides the technical expertise and support to ensure the delivery of our services runs smoothly. If an installation is required, James organises specs and the equipment needed to pull off your desired product, working with Suzanne to provide these solutions at an affordable rate. Upon delivery and installation of your equipment, he provides hassle free and non-invasive maintenance and support for your new set up, keeping things clean and tidy and ensuring they live as long of a life as possible.