RCM|group are proud to support Dreams In Action Performance Company, who specialise in delivering lively and entertaining creative arts education for children under the age of fifteen. Our young and fresh-faced team of volunteers aim to provide lessons for children, your children, accommodating for complete beginners and more advanced performers.


Despite being very heavily subsidised, our lessons are based around high quality and in depth planning.

Your children learn in a friendly and comfortable environment in any of their chosen disciplines. Lessons we provide are as follows; Piano, Guitar, Drums, Drama, Musical Theatre and Dance. Our wide range of lessons are led by our tutors, all of which are students or of a similar age, and are studying Performing Arts, Music or other performance based equivalents. 

RCM|group work proudly with Thespian Arts to deliver their bespoke Drama scheme, and Danielle's Music School for piano lessons.

We are always providing our students with the necessary tools, resources and techniques they need to achieve, now broadening our horizons and offering graded classes at various levels. When the opportunity arises, our normal lessons are used to focus on putting on concerts, performances and shows to parents and also the public.


With a selection of projects to look forward to, ask our PR manager Sadie Allen for more details regarding booking a trial lesson for your child and to add them onto our waiting list!

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What do we do?

Our friends:

Thespian Arts Theatre Company

Thespian Arts provide the drama classes for Dreams In Action.

They are proud to offer graded classes

in drama according to LAMDA specifications.

Resource Creative Media Limited

RCM|group's sister company works 

alongside the group to provide

admin support, promotional material and lesson support

Danielle's Music School

DMS proudly provide

the piano group classes

and work with the tutors, providing

planning and lesson resources.